Honourable Ch. Sukhram Singh Yadav


Dear Associates,
       our school's philosophy is to encourage the motto "Learn to explore to learn". We are in our best efforts about childcare and education and desire that all children should have option of attending high quality for proper child care Education based on the advanced and proven techniques available and have trained, devoted staff.

When your child looks around at the world and tries to comprehend and connect to the immense creations of man, we hold your child's hand and it is a miracle and there will not be another child like him.

We provide infrastructural features with the aim of over all development of child. It is a gateway to your child's dream. World of learning.

The goal of our school is to transform your child from an innocent bud to a smart. Many other facilities are provided in our school, by our team to teach our children courage, strength, confidence team work and determination, to be best, wherever they go, whatever they do and the ability to lead not only a nation, but also the entire world. It is very true fact that "the child is the father of man" we welcome your child as a young toddler and return him to you as the leader of future.

Mr. Mohit Choudhary


Being a Director of an Educational Institution it is my responsibility to provide all that facilities which is necessary to develop a child. The school is situated in pollution less area having a fresh environment. The school has its own grand building, big, airy and spacious classrooms. As huge playground is available in this premises. Trees, plants and flowers are the main attraction of the promises. Bus facility is available to pick and drop your ward. A well equipped library having all subjects of books for students. Nursing service is available on school hours.


There are well qualified and trained Teacher's staff. We do not educate him only bookish knowledge, but we teach about intellectual Indian culture, to respect the elders and equal behave with their fellows. We provide your ward the extra-curricular activities outdoor and indoor games, debates, dance, yoga and everything what he/she needs. We hold your child's hand and lead him through an exciting, wonderful and funny journey of my skilled staff's experience. You will find a miraculous change in your ward in few days, you will find an eagerness to go to school. My school Teachers will transform your child from an innocent bud to a smart. confident and fully blossomed flower. It is truly said that "child is the father of man". we welcome your child in school and return him to you as a profound leader of the future.

Mrs. Jyoti Vij


"Children are our HOPE & FUTURE. It is our privilege as teachers & school to participate in their GROWTH."

As Principal it is my responsibility to develop student's academic skills so that they can achieve their full potential. Keeping this in mind CHS helps them to attain academic & social skills. We encourage them never to compromise until they have done everything they can to reach their goals. We guide them to find their strength and never allow others to be little their dreams every child is very special to us.

The school is dedicated to the all round development of the students academic, social, spiritual, intellectual & personal skills so that they can cope up with the latest scientific and technological advancement in a rapidly changing world.

Your "Success" is our strength!